How is the book different?

  • Applications of coaching across sport, business and life

  • Not just Emma Doyle's experience, its research from over 500 coaches offering unique perspectives

  • It’s a combination of methodology, mindset, and stories.

Who is this book for?

  • A business and workplace coach

  • A tennis and sports coach

  • A beginning coach and those aspiring to be a great coach

  • A curious coach and always looking for ways to learn, grow and improve

  • An experienced coach who may feel burnt out and someone who wants to re-connect with their passion for coaching

  • Or someone who has recently felt like your messages are not getting through to your clients and you feel like you need more coaching tools in your toolkit

If this sounds like you and you are on a constant curiosity hunt, just like Coach Emma Doyle and Coach Natalie Ashdown, then you are in the right place.  

What Makes a Great Coach?


The top 10 practices of the world’s best coaches.

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What Makes a Great Coach?

If you thought you could get away with directing and telling your players/team members what to do; berating your players or relying on your technical knowledge as a coach, then think again. What makes a great coach? unlocks the secrets of what over 500 players and coaches say makes a great coach and gives us the answer in a way that is practical and relatable.


Featuring stories and inspiration from past and current players and coaching legends, including former World No. 1’s, "What makes a great coach?" provides the much needed authentic guide to becoming a better coach.


Whether you are a professional coach or just starting out; a parent or guardian; a human resource professional or business executive, What makes a great coach? is the book that we need right now to bring out the best, not only in our players or team members, but also in ourselves.

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Author - Emma Doyle 

Thank you for visiting the home page for my first book called 'What Makes a Great Coach?' (#WMAGC). Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I feel like I'm just an ordinary person living the most extraordinary life, thanks to being a coach. Coaching is my passion and something that I feel I was born to do. In the book, WMAGC, we share the qualities from over 500 inspirational players and coaches to help you unlock your coaching potential. You can learn more about my journey here: 

With Natalie Ashdown 

This book would not have come to life without the brilliant writing skills of Natalie Ashdown.  It was a pleasure to collaborate on this project together and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for bringing my coaching journey to life. I am so grateful to Natalie who was instrumental in developing my coaching skills. I completed my Cert IV, Diploma in Workplace and Business Coaching and hold the ICF Professional Certified Coach thanks to Natalie's guidance. She is the CEO of The Open Door Coaching Group and a passionate tennis player. You can learn more about Natalie here:

What do these coaches think makes a great coach?

"There is no one else I know in the industry with as much enthusiasm and passion as Emma Doyle. A highly respected coach, I'm so excited that her book is finally here!"

Allistair McCaw,

Author, Speaker, Performance, Culture & Mindset Consultant

What are the reflection questions?

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Foreword by Judy Murray, OBE
Being the best coach you can be 
Practice 1 - Decision making
Practice 2 - Belief
Practice 3 - Purpose
Practice 4 - Passion
Practice 5 - Energy
Practice 6 - Empathy
Practice 7 - Listening
Practice 8 - Curiosity
Practice 9 - Communication
Practice 10 - Resilience
Game, set and match
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